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New! United American Reserve Fund Annuity

Posted on August 15, 2012 at 12:47 PM Comments comments (824)
United American Insurance is now offering a Reserve Fund Annuity to assist policyholders with accumulating funds needed to meet their health insurance calendar year deductible, copayment, out-of-pocket limits, or Part B excess charges (Plans A, B, and D) amount(s).  The Reserve Fund Annuity is available with ProCare Medicare Supplement Plans A, B, D, G, and HDF.
So what does that mean for you?  If you are age 65-90, you can earn interest on the money you set aside for healthcare.
Features & Benefits:
- After 14 days, there is no penalty for withdrawing your money to pay healthcare costs.
- No-load annuity, you keep the full amount you deposit
- Interest rate is guaranteed to never be less than 3%
For more information on how you can earn interest on the money you set aside for healthcare click on the link below: